High Strangeness: CE4K!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I've always been pretty much ok with the fact that there are three types of "Close Encounters" one can have with a UFO. To review, a Close Encounter of the First Kind involves seeing a UFO within a distance of 500 feet. A Close Encounter of the Second Kind is just like a CE1K, with the addition of physical evidence left behind by the UFO, like scorch marks on the ground, mutilated cattle, radioactivity, etc. A Close Encounter of the Third Kind is like a CE2K, with the addition of UFO occupants, like this little fella here:

It's a Close Encounter, all right, but which Kind? 3rd? 4th? 5th? 8th?? No, definitely not 8th.
This system has always covered all the UFO encounters I regularly investigate and/or experience myself, so it came as a surprise to me that someone had come up with a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind and then one of the Fifth Kind! And, I just checked wikipedia and they are up to Eight Kinds of Close Encounters!


Do we really need eight Kinds of Close Encounters? Let's look at the facts, as we Certified UFO Field Investigators are fond of saying: A CE4K, they tell me, involves an alien abduction. A CE5K involves a human having a bilaterally-intentional interaction with a UFO occupant, otherwise known as hanging out in a flying saucer. A CE6K results in the human witness' injury or death, which often happens to people who are stupid enough to hang out in a flying saucer. A CE7K involves human-alien breeding, resulting in the creation of a hybrid being. A CE8K also involves human-alien breeding, but in this case both the human and the alien are really hot, and you would so want to be the human.

Myself, I'd happily stick to the original three, but suddenly I find that I can't. I've just been assigned a new UFO sighting to investigate, and my MUFON State Director thinks it might be a CE4K! Of course, that's what she thought about the last case she assigned to me, and that didn't go anywhere.

Here's the case, in a nutshell: Way back in September, 1997 a guy was driving home from work late at night on a deserted country road. As he neared his neighbor's farm, he saw a huge black triangular object hovering just below the tops of the trees behind the farmhouse. It had bright colored lights on each corner, and made no sound. The witness parked and got out of his car, then immediately got back in his car, terrified, as the object flew overhead and then disappeared out over a cornfield.

He says the sighting has haunted him since then and he finally decided he had to tell someone. He also adds this chilling note that I feel obliged to share with you, because it could make a difference in your life someday: "People always say they want to see a UFO up close like I did," he says. "NO YOU DON'T. It's not cool, it's scary as hell, it's not how you imagine it, trust me."

I still don't know where the CE4K abduction thing comes in, but I'll find out. I'm an Investigator, and that's what I do.

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