High Strangeness: UFOs and PETA

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Once again, I've blown it. Once again I have missed the registration deadline for the International UFO Congress, to be held next week in Fountain Hills, AZ.

It just kind of crept up on me. I got busy with things, and I guess I figured that when they begged me to be a speaker at this year's convention, that would serve as a reminder. But they didn't call, so I'm not going.

Having made that clear, I still have all sorts of reasons for wanting to be there. One of the most pressing reasons is my need to know what a UFO Congress does. Do they pass laws? Do they debate? Do they deliberate? Also, the lineup of events is pretty tantalizing... Film Festival! Cocktail Party! EBE Awards!

NOTE: "EBE," apparently, stands for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity in X-Files lore, but maybe you knew that. I still call them "aliens." Anyway, I do have to wonder what an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Award is. Do they give awards out to aliens? Do the aliens show up to collect their awards? Do the aliens give acceptance speeches? Do they go over?

The coolest events of the Congress, however, by far, are the "Experiencer Sessions,"  hosted by noted UFO researcher Dr. Leo Sprinkle. 

"These sessions are held in a private side room in the conference center and seating is limited to the first 50 attendees," the program reads. "If you want to share your story of a sighting, visitation or abduction or just sit and listen to others share their story then this is the session for you. This environment is designed to be a safe and comfortable place for people to gather knowledge and guidance with their experiences. No Press is Allowed in any session."

I am so there next year! Please remember to invite me to be a speaker in 2014, IUFOC management!

Of course, it wouldn't be an International UFO Conference without a little controversy. Last year the Reptoids made a ruckus when they had to share an airport shuttle with the Greys. This year, of course, we have the PETA problem.

PETA, as you may know, wants to make the world a better place for our furry animal friends, and I support that completely. PETA also likes to make headlines, and they've been getting some attention for the billboard they are putting up outside the Convention Center in Fountain Hills:

Does PETA speak for the aliens? This kind of crass exploitation has no place at a UFO Convention.
I don't even know how to unpack this. From what I've seen, cosmetics are a pretty popular with the UFO crowd, so it's probably a pretty smart approach, aimed at an appropriate demographic. But at the same time, I wonder about PETA's marketing staff. They are surely some disturbed individuals. Of course, one could say the same about people who attend International UFO Congresses, so that's a draw.

In the end, I think that PETA's biggest miscalculation is its assumption that attendees at a UFO Convention would be afraid of being probed by aliens. I think they'd be lining up.

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