High Strangeness: The Million Intruder March Strikes Back!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Million Intruder March Strikes Back!

Just in case you missed the memo... A million of us are going to meet up next September 19 at the Little A'le'Inn in Rachel, Nevada, and then march to the gates of Area 51.

Yes, I tried this last September and only got 6 volunteers, but I'm trying again. Fact is, I'm probably never going to have an idea this cool ever again, so I've got to keep hammering away at it until it works!
This sign will soon be trampled under the feet of One Million Intruders!
What will we do when we get to Area 51? We're not going to ring the doorbell and wait for the Air Force to answer. We're going to storm the gates and force the guards to lay down their arms and let us in. And then, whatever the U.S. Government has been hiding from us will be revealed to the world.

Here's what I expect we'll find:
  • UFOs
  • Aliens
  • Time machines
  • Thermins
  • Whitley Strieber
  • Teleportation devices
  • Giant robots
  • Anti-gravity packs
  • Armed guards peeing their khakis
Let's do this, people! Sign up here!

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