High Strangeness: Name the Alien -- Part 2

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Name the Alien -- Part 2

Have you entered the Name the Alien contest yet? I'm going to guess you haven't because so far there's only been one entry...

In a recent post I revealed that aliens hate it when we call them "E.T." If you want to know why I know this, read this, because, honestly, it's really kind of stupid and I don't want to have to explain it again.

The point is, we need a new name for aliens. If we stop calling them E.T. they might come visit more often, and that would be a good thing. They might even show themselves if we address them properly. And we can only do that if YOU enter the contest...
E.T. does not speak for all aliens.
To show you what you're up against, here's the entry I received the other day:

Just saw this. How about "xenagos/xenagi"? It's Greek ξεναγός (ksenaGOS) for "tour guide"—hopefully more respectful than E.T. It comes from the same "xen-" root as "xenophobia" etc., but it figures us, rather than the aliens, as the outsiders.

That one-entry-per-person rule is tough! 

I like this entry a lot. It's very well thought-out, it's got Greek stuff, and very respectful, indeed, to the aliens. So why don't I just declare this the winner? Because the entrant would feel that it was a tainted victory, that's why. Who wants to win a contest simply because he or she was the only one to enter? It only really matters if it's one of many extremely well thought-out, extremely clever entries. Just the same, "xeagos/xenagi" is the front runner...

Let the contest continue!

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