High Strangeness: Holmes & Watson and the Case of the Purple Gobbler

Monday, December 31, 2012

Holmes & Watson and the Case of the Purple Gobbler

I've taken a few weeks off from blogging due to a combination of travel, the holidays and family matters, but I'm back and ready to start the new year off with a bang!

I had the opportunity to visit my old friend and fellow UFO witness Jxxx just before the holidays, and found that he's been thinking of becoming a Certified UFO Field Investigator himself! He even went so far as to propose that he and I could be the Holmes & Watson of the UFO detection field, an idea I like quite a bit.

The funny thing is, it doesn't really matter to me which of us would be Holmes and which would be Watson. We would just be Holmes & Watson and that would be that. And we'd have this whole UFO mess cleared up faster than you could say "Professor Moriarty." Jxxx has already identified our Moriarty, by the way: Jxxx Sxxxx, our old nemesis on our High School student council. I admit, that's going pretty far back, but not everybody can be a Moriarty.

Hot on the heels of that stunning development came another. Yesterday my wife and I drove to our favorite local truck stop for our last Sunday breakfast of 2012, and on the way we passed an old, abandoned restaurant that has been closed up for years, and a stupendous, fantastic, insane idea exploded in my head...

The restaurant is called The Gobbler, and it has been a landmark in the area since it was built in the late 1960s, because of its unique atom-age ambiance...
The Gobbler was the swinging place to dine in 1967.
Even today it retains its essential pizzazz.
Think of it as an intergalactic cruise ship that only the coolest aliens can get into...
Together with a companion hotel that shared the same name (but was razed years ago by some damn fool), Hartwig's Gobbler, as it was known then, was a welcome wayside for travelers along the newfangled Interstate Highway between Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. Back then, it was a 70-mile trek between the two cities, and folks needed a posh, otherworldly place to forget the cares of the road, fill up their empty bellies, get stuck to purple vinyl upholstery and perhaps rest up overnight for the final 35-mile leg of their journey the next day. Of course, today in our modern motorcars we make the trip from Milwaukee and Madison in a day or less, so there's no more need for a space oasis at the halfway point.

Or is there?

The Gobbler has been up for sale for years, and is, as they say in the realty game, "Dividable."
"Dividable." I don't like the way that sounds, do you?
We've been driving past this place for years, but what jumped out at me yesterday was that the price has been reduced. It had been listed at well over $1 million, but the price has now dropped to a very doable $998K. So as we drove past yesterday, I said to my wife: "Hey, what if we bought the Gobbler and turned it into an International Center for UFO Studies?"

She said, "That's a great idea, honey. You need to find a backer."  Then, after a pause, "You'd need at least $10 million dollars" (she's good at this stuff).

So, with the new year comes a new mission: buy the Gobbler, and turn it into a 21st-Century 221B Baker Street, from which the Holmes & Watson of Ufology finally solve the riddle of the UFOs...


Anonymous said...

It could be the new NICAP headquarters.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

Oh, no, I'm not sharing!

Paua said...

That's an interesting idea. It certainly has unique architecture.