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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Creepy Things

This is amazing. Also creepy. Mostly creepy. I was just about to head out for a week of travel when I got this urgent MUFON email from Vxxxx, my State Director:

Dear Mark:
I just assigned this case to you. There is a possibility that this woman may have been abducted or otherwise affected. Please question her in this regard, using non-leading questions.  If you feel that it would be helpful to have Star Team back up, let me know. We will probably want to forward your findings to Kathy Marden, head of the abduction research team, for review. Thanks!

Wow, that's quite an intro. What was she so hopped up about?

Turns out, someone (a he, not a she, as Vxxxx had assumed) in central Wisconsin had reported seeing a brightly-colored star-like object hovering in the sky a couple weeks ago. Nothing so special about that, but he also reported that after the object disappeared he grew fatigued and started to shake. He went to bed and called in sick from work the next day, so... naturally, Vxxxx is thinking: physical effects>missing time>abduction!

Well, I wasn't going to write back to Vxxxx and say "Sorry, I'd love to take on this case, but I'm just about to leave for a week," was I? They'd assign the case to someone else and I'd lose out on all the fame and fortune. So I put off my packing for a few hours and called the witness tonight to begin my investigation...
Will Wisconsin soon have a UFO abductee as famous as Betty (left earthling) and Barney Hill, seen here portrayed by Estelle Parsons (left earthling) and James Earl Jones in the TV movie "The UFO Incident"? Will he get a TV movie made about his abduction? Will I get to write it?
The conversation wasn't very gripping to begin with. The guy had seen something in the night sky that seemed to be a star or planet, except that it was flashing and pulsing with multi-colored light. He was clearly fascinated and confused by the object, and had a very strong feeling that it didn't belong in the sky, and yet he went inside to watch the news on TV. He can't remember why. He kept checking the object in the sky during commercials and it never moved or changed appearance. Then he called his girlfriend and told her about the object in the sky. Then he checked it again and it was gone.

And that's where the story gets weird... Shortly after the object disappeared he grew completely fatigued and started to shake. It hit him so hard that he couldn't even think about what he was doing; he just knew he had to get to bed NOW. He went to bed and crashed, and the next day he couldn't get out of bed until 11 am, nearly 14 hours later. He called in sick and felt awful all day, then twenty-four hours later he felt fine again.

Here's creepy thing  #1 about what he told me: He said the whole thing feels like a dream that's slowly fading from his memory, and yet his girlfriend remembers him calling to tell her about the strange object in the sky. Here's creepy thing #2: He reported that the sighting took place on November 21, but when he contacted the HR department at work today to confirm the date he had called in sick, they told him it was actually October 31. He was off by three weeks!

Holy shit.

Within minutes of emailing Vxxxx to give her the highlights, she had alerted the aforementioned Star Team and head of MUFON's abduction research team.

This is flipping huge...

But I'm still leaving.

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Paua said...

Three weeks is a lot of time. That's time that can never be explained fully until we know the truth.