High Strangeness: Speaking Up For UFOs

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Speaking Up For UFOs

In a few hours I will be meeting up with Dxxx and her daughter Sxxxxxx to see the exact spot where they saw their UFO just two weeks ago. Will there be scorch marks? Deep depressions in the ground from where the UFO's landing gear settled into the dirt? Mutilated alien corpses? Better yet, will the UFO make a return visit?

More likely, we will tromp around in the wet grass for a while, they will point to places in the sky where they saw the object, they will struggle to find the right words to describe its appearance and motion, they will each draw a picture of the object for me and the drawings will be identical, and I'll come home, file my report, get my State Director's feedback, and classify it as an "unknown."

What I'm really hoping for is to get a better idea of the fear Sxxxxxx was feeling when she pleaded and begged her mom to drive away fast when it looked like the UFO was coming after them. In the video she submitted, the poor kid was scared shitless and wanted to get away just as the mom decided she wanted to stay put and get a closer look. It makes for some real drama, which you can hear at about the halfway mark in the video. Both of their reactions were very human and understandable, but it's really fascinating to hear the tension between the voice saying, "It's coming closer! Let's stick around and get a better look." and the voice saying, "Holy shit, it's coming after us! Let's get the hell out of here!" Then the first voice laughs and says, "Oh, stop! Look at it now!" and then the second voice loses it completely and begs, "Mom, PLEASE! Let's GO!"

Fascinating stuff.

Unfortunately, when I file that report later today I must also file a few others that disappoint me. I have four other cases that I am going to have to close for "Insufficient data," which is a nice way of saying the jerks never called me back or didn't put complete contact information on their report. One of these people was even cheeky enough to list the town where he or she lives as his or her name. We really need a category for "Insufficient courtesy."

These four cases involved:

"VERY bright white light, large, no sound, same intentsity (sic) all direction"

"Looked like fireball, sudden directional change light slowly faded off until we couldnt see it."

"Pulsing orbs 3rd night in week, and one triangle ufo on the 2nd night observing orbs"

"just happened to look just above the tree line and saw a very bright glowing solid ball of light falling straight down until it went past the tree line and could no longer see it."

Unfortunately, that's all we will ever know about these occurrences. They are now relegated to the dustbin of UFO history.

I would like to contact each of these individuals and thank them for wasting not only my time, but humanity's time. Where would we be today if Galileo never called back? Where would be today if Einstein forgot to put his email address on the theory of relativity? Where would we be today if Stephen Hawking just ran away whenever someone wanted to ask him something?

Does this guy ever duck out of his responsibilities to mankind? No way.

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