High Strangeness: Final Reckoning, Almost

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Final Reckoning, Almost

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I really like the people I meet on my UFO case investigations. Today I met Dxxx and Sxxxxxx, the mother-daughter team behind this UFO video. We hopped in my car and we retraced every inch of their sighting, and you know what? It was a blast. They were earnest and funny and genuine and wanted to share every little detail about their sighting, and I ate it up.

The locale of the sighting was interesting, to say the least. Within a 100-foot radius there's a cell phone tower, an abandoned quarry, an electrical substation and a water tower, with a railroad track a half mile down the hill as a bonus. What UFO wouldn't want to hover over all that infrastructure? With one well-aimed laser blast the aliens onboard could deprive the whole community of electricity, water, cell phone service, railroad service and decorative stone.

Now one thing in the video that had caused me some doubt was the loud, thrumming noise I heard that made it seem that Dxxx and Sxxxxxx were watching a helicopter. While we were out retracing their sighting, I heard the sound again, and it was coming from a freight train passing by on the nearby tracks. I'm not sure, but I could end up being the Sherlock Holmes of UFO investigating.

Trouble is, I still can't say for sure what they saw. According to my astronomical software, it could have been the planet Jupiter or the stars Capella or Alebaran. All three were visible in the sky that night, right in the general area and at the rough elevation where they saw their UFO. But what they saw moved, or at least seemed to move, and it moved fast. And it came towards them and then retreated, and then rose up very high in the sky, so it could have been a vehicle. Then again, they were in motion a lot of the time, and it's easy to think that stars are moving when you view them from a moving car...

And the sketch that Sxxxxxx made of the object doesn't really look at all like Jupiter, Capella or Aldebaran:

This does not look like Jupiter. For one thing, where are the moons?
Meanwhile, Sxxxxxx's video is getting tons of views on YouTube, and some dude took a screen shot from the video and blew it up to get this:

I don't know what the hell this is, but I guess I have to include it in my investigation.
What does it mean? Right now I'm wavering between "Unknown" and "Identified - Natural Occurrence." But since I have to submit my report to Vxxxx, my State Director, before I decide what it was, I have to hold off on deciding what it was until she tells me what to decide. What it was.

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