High Strangeness: CROPCOM Responds

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CROPCOM Responds

In my last post I wrote about a crop circle appearance here in Wisconsin in 2003 that had attracted the attention of my fellow UFO Investigators, and since we here in the US are about to celebrate Thanksgiving, which is all about crops and grains and such, it seems appropriate to follow up on that post.

When I got the first email that alerted me to this, the links did not work, but since then I've gotten a new link that has led to more information, and, I have to admit, a massive let-down.

I am accustomed to the kind of crop circles they get in the UK; big, spectacular, complicated, breathtaking crop circles like these:
That's some pretty good stuff. No matter who made them, no matter how they were made, they are impressive. But when I heard there was a Wisconsin crop circle my first thought was, "Oh yeah, now we can finally show the Brits how a proper crop circle is done!"

Then I saw the Wisconsin crop circle...
I hang my head in shame...

It's not just that the Brits have better crop circles than us. They have better crops than us! Look at that mess. What rancid crop are they growing there? Whatever it is, it better not show up in my Wonder Bread.

Then it got worse. In the account of the investigation of this eyesore, the "research team" describes how they started to realize that they were being watched by the "U.S. Air Force Special Crop Circle Investigation Unit," or as I call it, CROPCOM. The researchers realized their investigation was being monitored when a miltary helicopter started circling over them... This is the photo presented as evidence:
I hate to break it to these guys, but that symbol on the side, that white square with the big red cross, that means it's a medical chopper. Maybe they were circling over you because they mistook you for a hospital?

Then our intrepid researchers noticed a CROPCOM officer watching them through binoculars from down the road, and they present this photo as evidence:
Are you, like me, getting more and more convinced with every new photo??

There's more to the story. The "Air Force" man comes over to talk to the researchers, and they make some small talk about the crop circle. The researchers pump him for information about the helicopter and find out that the "Special Crop Circle Investigation Unit" is based out of an Air Force Base in southern Illinois, but somehow they fail to get the guy's name even though it's sewn onto his shirt. Then they file a Freedom of Information Act request to get documentation about CROPCOM, which seems kind of silly when you already had a guy from CROPCOM right there telling you everything. Sadly, there is no evidence that they got anywhere with their request, or that CROPCOM has ever appeared anywhere since 2003.

So, while I still support MUFON getting involved in crop circle investigations, I will have to file this particular report in the "Stoopid" file, and never look at it again.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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