High Strangeness: 4,471

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Four thousand, four hundred and seventy one. That's how many pages of UFO reading I have in front of me... It's a horrendously tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

Here's what 4,471 pages of UFO books looks like:

Here's another view:

I have bought the vast majority of these books just in the past six months. Amazon has got my number.

Feel sorry for me yet? I'm not sure you do, and even you do I'm not sure you do deeply and sincerely enough, so let me continue: Not only do I have to read all these books, I also need to catalog them. I need to find perfect quotes on every one of these four thousand, four hundred seventy one pages for the pages of my own book, so my reading comprehension level has to be very high. Like college level. That's tiring.

And then, once I've comprehended it all, my work is only beginning! Why? Because then I have to make writing magic happen, and making writing magic happen is very demanding. The air up here is very thin, my friends. Have you ever written a sentence? You have? Now imagine writing page after page of sentences, each of them meaning something, each of them flowing from the sentence before it, each of them -- and this is the really hard part -- each of them saying something that hasn't already been said in any of these other books!

My God. And I'm only going to get paid, what, six figures for this? Then another six figures for the film rights?

Also, do you realize how many UFO books are not available on kindle? It's a travesty. It's also discrimination.

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