High Strangeness: Scared S**tless

Monday, October 29, 2012

Scared S**tless

I just talked with a 16 year-old girl who was scared shitless the other night by something in the sky. I know how scared she was, because she caught the whole episode on her phone...

Two days ago I got an urgent email from my MUFON State Director asking if I could drop everything and take a big case. What the hell, lady? This is my life. Does M ask 007 if he'll take an assignment? Of course I'll drop everything and take the case.

After several tries I finally got through to the first witness this evening, but not before watching the 8 minute video she included with her report. Is the video good? Well, it was shot at night on an iPhone by a terrified 16 year-old girl, so it's slightly below Blair Witch quality. You see a lot of detail on the ground, but in my first viewing I didn't see much of anything in the sky.

But the audio is another thing altogether. You might not know this is you're not a Certified UFO Field Investigator, but audio quality, unlike video quality, is unaffected by time of day it's recorded. Audio recorded after dark is just as clear and has just as much detail as audio recorded in broad daylight. It's an interesting fact.

Fear. It looks like this.
So the audio in this girl's recording is pretty gripping. You hear a mother and daughter wondering excitedly what they're looking at in the sky, comparing descriptions and reactions, wondering out loud if it's the north star or a helicopter, They quickly decide that it's neither, and for a while they follow the object, hoping to get a clean view of it. Then the object takes off at high speed and at this point the daughter starts to get nervous... "Mom, this is scaring me...(laughs nervously) Mom, it's a flying saucer! It's stopping, why is it stopping, a plane can't stop!"

They pull over to watch, and as the mom seems to grow more bold the daughter starts to have second thoughts about the whole thing. Then the light they've been following suddenly grows more brilliant, and they realize the object is coming towards them, fast. "It's coming over here, Go! MOM! GO! GO BACK!" Over and over again the girl pleads with her mom to go home, but for some reason I cannot fathom the mom refuses.

Daughter (crying): "Mom, PLEASE! Please! Let's go HOME!"

Mom (cruelly): "Why?"

Why? WHY? Because I'm about to pee in my pants on the seat of your car, mom, that's why.

Whew... I don't spook easily. In fact I haven't been scared since... well, the day I was born. That was bad. But listening to this girl's recording, I felt a serious chill. I'm not sure what she and her mom saw in the sky -- it might even have been a helicopter; at this point in my investigation I can't discount it -- but you can't listen to a 16 year-old girl dissolve into tears without feeling that something out of the ordinary is going on...

I still have to interview the cruel, unfeeling mom, and visit the site of the encounter, so there may be more to the story than what I've heard so far. But what I've heard so far is pretty compelling.

This is why I got into this racket!

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