High Strangeness: Flaming Helicopters!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Flaming Helicopters!

I've taken on a new UFO investigation, and it could be The Big One. It's not a Close Encounter of Any Kind, but it's got some interesting details...

The witness, a student at a local university, was at a neighborhood party in Milwaukee last month when his mom looked up in the sky and saw what appeared to be a fireball... heading straight for the party!

The witness kept his cool, and his powers of reasoning, stating: "My neighbor said it was probably a helicopter or something, but helicopters usually aren't on fire and coming that fast."

As an investigator, this will be the first, and possibly the most crucial, element of the sighting that I need to address. Could a helicopter have been on fire and coming that fast? Just because they "usually aren't" on fire and coming that fast that doesn't mean that this one couldn't have been. Is this kid an FAA crash investigator? How many flaming helicopters coming that fast has he actually seen?

A common sight in the sky over Milwaukee.
There are just too many inconsistencies here... For example, the flaming not-a-helicopter did not actually wipe out the neighborhood party as expected. What did it do? According to the witness' report, it "stopped" and then headed up into the sky. That's weird.

So, a puzzling case, but here's what's really interesting about it: there were eight witnesses. The first thing this tells me is that this is a really small neighborhood. So it must not have been much of a party. If you're a college kid having a party at eight o'clock on a Saturday night and you've only got eight people there, and one of them is your mom, UFOs are the least of your worries.

Still, I have never investigated a sighting with this many witnesses. A significant number of witnesses will drive up the scoring on the Ballaster-Guasp Evaluation and give this case a very high Credibility Rating. And remember, the Credibility Rating is also driven higher the more time yours truly spends investigating the sighting. Imagine how many hours it will take me to interview eight witnesses! Dozens! The mind boggles!


PS: I don't usually say where I find my pictures and images for this blog because I'm afraid of being sued and because admitting that I, who am opposed to intellectual theft, swipe pictures on a regular basis would expose my profound hypocrisy. But just this once I will make an exception. I found this picture of the exploding helicopter from the movie "Independence Day" on the awesome website Exploding Helicopter! I am a fan.

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