High Strangeness: Desperate Measures... or... This Could Be A Huge Mistake

Friday, October 19, 2012

Desperate Measures... or... This Could Be A Huge Mistake

I'm a little confused by this. I got an email from my MUFON State Director directing me to place an ad on Craiglist in an effort to recruit new Certified UFO Field Investigators. Okay, but I thought Craigslist was where you went to look for a killer?

I guess I'm just not up on these newfangled social media.

Anyway, I trust my State Director, and I am sworn to obey her orders, so... off to Craigslist I go. She gave me and the other State Section Director some prepared text to place in the ad, and it went like this:

"Join the largest civilian organization investigating UFOs, Mutual UFO Network - Wisconsin needs investigators throughout the state. Check out the lower right hand corner of the MUFON website or write State Director, Vxxxx Lxxxxxx at Lxxxxx@xxx.com. Thanks!"

It's a little dry. If I was on Craigslist looking for a killer and I came across this, I would not be very enthused. It's all MUFON needs this and MUFON needs that; What's in it for me?

Would you join MUFON if you could have an alien encounter with this gal?
Worse yet: If I'm looking for Investigators in my section of the state, why would I have them contact my State Director? How does that add to my power base? 

After a great deal of thought, I have decided to post the ad as written... with a few minor alterations. Instead of the State Director's email, I am asking people to write to me directly at LoneWolf@highstrangenessufo.com

I'll give it a few days and see how it goes. If I haven't gotten any action in a few days, I'll repost the ad... with an actual sales pitch. This is potentially the most important, most thrilling thing a person can do with his or her life; the ad should get that point across! It should be all sexy images and empty promises, exactly what sucked me into this gig!

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Anonymous said...

The reason why no one wants to be an investigator is because they are allowed to subject you to a 'lifelong background check' anytime they want for whatever reason. There are also a few things to sign your life away on through MUFON. Everything changed once Bigelow decided to run things. It seems like MUFON answers to a higher board than the one we are all thinking actually does. Besides, the membership to MUFON is a farse now!! Since they recently changed all the nuts and bolts with the STAR team and the 'newsletter', membership is now non existent. When you "subscribe to the newsletter" it does not mean you are a member anymore. Clearly it points out that you are a MUFON "subscriber" !

I don't know exactly where MUFON is headed, but when you remove any say the paying MEMBERS contribute, you will always lose. MUFON needs to do MORE than just raise the rates on everything and buck the members out. Or should I say subscribers. Everyone on the board got a raise!!! Everyones data was made available to Bigelow. It is all just suspect IMO.