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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ancient Strangeness

There are some paradigms gonna be broken this weekend in Minnesota. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, my paradigms will be safe and sound in Wisconsin, because I only found out about the Paradigm Symposium of ancient alien lore today by pure chance, and I will not be going.

As UFO and paranormal events go, this one looks like a real corker. Erich Freaking von Daniken will be there, for God's sake. So will George Noory. Also the guy with the hair. I hate to miss that kind of paranormal starpower, especially when it's only a few hours away. This show has got it all: slick website, beautiful setting, sponsorships from basic cable series; you name it, they've got it.

Spotted in an article from Intrepid Magazine entitled "Are UFO Believers Crazy?" First, magazine writer, could you explain the nonsense term "UFO Believers"?
Naturally, I wanted to know who was behind the Symposium. Turns out the event is being put on by Intrepid Magazine and The Gralien Report, two big-time online journals of strangeness. Needless to say, I have never heard of either of them. I wonder why. Maybe because both journals seem to embrace a combination of pseudo-scientific speculation (in which I have great interest) and vehement conservative politics (in which I have none).

Here's a good example of what makes me uncomfortable with a UFO magazine. Articles entitled "How to Treat Your Own Gunshot Wound... Naturally!" make me uncomfortable. And yet, that article is featured in the online preview issue of Intrepid. And it's not a joke.

So, on balance, I'm not entirely disappointed not to be going. But I will be going in a way. I am signing on to follow as many of the presenters on Twitter as I possibly can, so I can learn the latest in strangeness and report back to you. Considering the Minneapolis Doubletree Hotel is liable to filled with hundreds of people staggering around with weeping gunshot wounds this weekend, it seems the safest way to attend.

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