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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two Peas in a UFO Pod

Just when I think I have a pretty good handle on the scope of the J. Allen Hynek book project, something comes along that changes everything. I discovered last night that I will have to add two chapters to the book to cover some previously unknown portions of his life -- er, well, that's not exactly true. This requires a rather lengthy explanation, so please bear with me...

Last week when I started researching the Hynek files at Northwestern University, I met Rxxx, a librarian at Northwestern who has been studying Dr. Hynek's papers for quite a while, and has given me some very helpful tips and direction. A few days after we met, Rxxx sent me a link to the website of Ann Eller, a woman who had been Dr. Hynek's secretary in the last year of his life, after he had moved to Scottsdale, AZ.

On the website there is a link to the "Project Camelot Interview," in which "Ann reveals a fresh approach to what it was like working for Hynek - as well as what Hynek really thought and may have known about UFOs." All very interesting, and very tantalizing; this could be a goldmine for my book research! But then Eller says this: "Starting out as a skeptic, Hynek came to understand that the UFOs and their occupants were very real indeed." 

I seriously question this. Hynek did come to understand that the UFO phenomenon was worthy of serious scientific study, and that it did potentially represent something very alien to our physical reality, but to say that he understood that "UFOs and their occupants were very real indeed" is a whopper... So, with a new sense of caution, I clicked on the interview links and found that... neither one works. I have emailed Ms. Eller and asked her for help, and we are still working that out... 

Meanwhile, I had a two-hour layover in Atlanta last night, flying home from an electric vehicle seminar in Charlotte, NC, so I decided to download Ms. Eller's book "Dragon in the Sky," on my kindle, to try to find out what this woman is all about. Naturally, I was most interested in reading about Ms. Eller's experiences as Dr. Hynek's secretary, but I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed on that score. Although Ms. Eller is fond of describing Hynek as "impish,' comparing him to an "elf," saying that he had "twinkling eyes," and calling him an "absent-minded professor," there are only a handful of direct quotes from the Doctor, none more than a few words, and so there's no sense that she ever really got to know him or understand him beyond a very superficial level. The rare "conversations" she recounts mostly amount to her sharing some observation about UFOs and Dr. Hynek walking away without any comment.

Here's a typical conversation between Eller and Hynek recounted in the book, describing how Eller would handle the UFO reports that she fielded over the phone:

"I alerted Allen to all these accounts, but did not receive much of a response. He would give me an absent-minded 'hmmm' as he went back to his computer."

Or this:

" I would egg him on and ask numerous questions. He'd answer with a snort, a smile, and look at me with a twinkle in his eyes."

Wow, stop the presses. Snort, smile, twinkle, hmmmmm...

Not that I didn't learn some important things from the book. As I said up at the top, after reading Eller's tome I now know that I have to add two new chapters to my Hynek book; one at the start and one at the end. 

The first new chapter will deal with Dr. Hynek's little known "pre-life" UFO research. You read that right: pre-life UFO research. While Ms. Eller attended a UFO Abductees convention in Wyoming in 1985, she had a session with noted UFO abductee researcher and psychologist Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, and here's what she discovered:

"During the session, Dr. Leo Sprinkle zeroed in on a past life I had with Dr. J. Allen Hynek which directly affected my current life. Our past came together a long time ago -- late 1400s or early 1500s -- when Hynek was an astronomer and I was his assistant. (I immediately thought of how strange it is that life repeats itself!) In that life Allen saw extraterrestrial spacecraft through his telescope and let me see them, too. However, he would not tell anyone about them and swore me to secrecy. I recalled being terribly frustrated about having to keep quiet about this other-worldly discovery."

Did Dr. J. Allen Hynek live and practice astronomy at the same time as Nicolaus Copernicus? New evidence suggests that it may be true.
This is nothing short of amazing, and also a bit tragic. In his 1910-1986 lifetime, Dr. Hynek struggled to make sense of a phenomenon that he had pretty much figured out five centuries earlier! Why didn't Eller tell him this?? Or, maybe she did and he just gave her an absent-minded "hmmm" and went back to his computer.

As astounding as that passage is, it still doesn't compare to the material that will now make up the final chapter of my Hynek book, dealing with Dr. Hynek's post-life UFO research. You read that right: post-life UFO research. The material for this chapter comes about later in Eller's book, after Dr. Hynek's death. It's a very lengthy passage, so I'll just share a few notable highlights of Eller's account:

"Recently, I consulted with a well-known psychic medium, Marisa Ryan, to contact Dr. Hynek on the other side of the veil." (Blogger's note: she means he's dead, not that he was on the other side of a curtain) "His first message to me was 'be careful.' He thanked me for everything I did, saying we were like 'two peas in a pod'...

"He relayed through Marisa that his suspicions have all been corroborated by the Aliens he speaks to now.

"He made reference to a landing in Alaska currently and said there would be activity around the cathedral in Sedona.

"He gave me personal messages to a couple people in the UFO field. He said there are several interviews of him that haven't been published and these will reveal new information. (Blogger's note: I must have those interviews!)

"I asked Allen if he 'walked both sides of the street,' if he had been a double agent (meaning both for the government and for the common man) as I had suspected. He confessed through the medium that indeed he had, corroborating my suspicions (Blogger's note: Lots of suspicions being corroborated here). He had never left his position with the government and the military -- that side of him went underground with Project Blue Book. 

"He is well and enjoying the freedom on other side (Blogger' reminder: dead, not curtain) but does wish he was still with us for there was more he wanted to expose. He said he would be a louder voice.

"There was more to the connection but the rest will remain untold."

That's what she thinks. I have a book to write! 

Okay, that's a lot to unload in one blog post, and I apologize. Surely I've broken some Blogspot guideline on lengthy posts, but I want to make one more point, and it may be the most important point in this whole post, so if you read this far you're lucky because I'm about to blow your mind:

If Ann Eller spent a year working intimately with Dr. Hynek, why did she have her deepest and most meaningful conversations with him before he was born and after he died?

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