High Strangeness: Mindbending UFO Cases

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mindbending UFO Cases

What have I gotten myself into? Four new cases to investigate, all at once...

I have to admit, those thoughts have crossed my mind today. It's all well and good to be an up-and-coming eager-beaver Certified UFO Field Investigator and State Section Director, but four cases is a lot for anyone.

But wait, what's this? Oh, three of the cases were reported by the same guy, Jxxx, all in the same week. My God, this man is under siege!

For three out out four nights one week last month, in what the witness describes as a "very boring town," he and three relatives watched as a frenzy of otherworldly orbs, lights and triangles zoomed and darted about the night sky over their yard... Every town should be this boring.

I don't know yet if this counts as a Close Encounter, but I think it's possible, because on the final night of the attack -- yes, I'm calling it an attack, because I've been wanting to call one of these sightings an attack for so, so long, and this is as close as I may ever get -- a "black, and very slick or aerodynamic-looking" triangular object flew over their garage and then flew away, seemingly taking all the other orbs and lights with it...

The fourth case is equally intriguing, and somewhat attack-y. I requested it because it sounded so damn weird: "Three flashes emanating from nothing..." But then as I read more about it the odder it became. The report was filed by a husband and wife who were out in their back yard one night a few week ago and started to see "satellites" zipping across the sky in pairs, going in all different directions. That's weird enough, but eventually they both started to see flashes of blackness in the night sky, which is a pretty cool image...

"The 'flash' was black like a hole being ripped in the sky with a dull black-red border extending outward from the origination point," he says in his report. Later he describes the flashes as "transparent shockwaves," but he is clearly at a loss to explain what he and his wife saw in the sky that night. 

What the hell did these people see? 

Rest easy, the State Section Director is on the case.

Suddenly the skies over southern Wisconsin are filled with orbs, lights, triangles and satellites like these. Looks like I'm taking over as State Section Director just in the nick of time.

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