High Strangeness: The Captain Speaks

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Captain Speaks

The worst thing about missing the MUFON UFO Symposium 2012 in Cincinnati earlier this month is that I missed the two big bombshell announcements promised by The Captain, MUFON's International Director.

Here's what he had to say in the August, 2012 MUFON Journal: "... the biggest news may be the two announcements we intend to release at the gathering. Our Symposium will be the site of the national release of these new, and old, disclosures. Although there will be those who say 'is that all there is,' those of us who are truly in the game will 'gasp' at what you will be told."

The Captain has some big news for humankind.
Setting aside for a moment the question of whether I'll be a "gasper" or an "is that all there is-er," The Captain's little tease worked on me. It kills me that everyone who went to Cincinnati three weeks ago knows all this big news and I don't!

Not to worry: news this big must be posted on MUFON's website, right? Wrong. Even three weeks after the announcements, there isn't a single word on the organization's website. Which shouldn't be a huge surprise, since the most recent press release on the site is dated August 10, 2010.

What's a Certified UFO Field Investigator to do? I did what I always do: send a pestering email to The Captain, asking him what the big announcements were. He wrote back almost immediately to tell me that "There is nohing (sic) posted on the website at this time and will not be at least until the new site is ready to go."

Okay, no problem, The Captain, just tell me what the flipping announcements were.
I read on eagerly, ready to "gasp" my fool head off. But all he had to say was this: "There is (sic) some breif (sic) details in the Sept. Journal."
Uhh... okay. But the September Journal hasn't been posted yet, so... 

How hard would it have been to just, you know, tell me?

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