High Strangeness: "Crazy Sh*t"

Saturday, August 25, 2012

"Crazy Sh*t"

Since I haven't gotten any new assignments from my Wisconsin State MUFON Director since submitting my Case Report of the Close Encounter, I decided to take a look at what's happening in my adopted part-time home state of Illinois. Turns out they need more help than Wisconsin does... Dozens of old cases have been assigned by the Illinois State Director to... the Illinois State Director. And there they sit, un-investigated and unsolved.

It's a shame, because there's some interesting stuff there. For example...there's the report of a sighting last April in Lombard that starts out, "Crazy sh*t..." How could I not want to read more? I had to find out what that asterisk stood for!

Alas, when I opened the case file, I found that this sighting was not just a dud, but a super-dud. The witness, Sxxxx, included minimal contact information and wrote a description of a "very low slow moving triangle loud humming noise, three bright lights one red in middle of triangle rotating." In other words, a triangular police car. Crazy sh*t indeed.

It is 1.03 percent certain that this triangle or something like it hovered over Lombard, IL, last April.
The investigators couldn't get anywhere with their investigation. Sxxxx had provided a bogus phone number, no street address, and failed to respond to numerous emails, leading the investigators to close the case and mark it "Insufficient Data." And yet, for all that, the case still scored a near-miraculous 1.03 percent certainty rating on the Ballester-Guasp Evaluation tool! Imagine that... An anonymous unsubstantiated report with virtually no investigative work put in besides sending off a couple of unanswered emails still manages to be 1.03 percent likely to have happened. I would have put it at or below zero myself, but what do I know?

Anyway, it made me wonder... Did Sxxxx lead off her sighting report with "Crazy sh*t" to describe the lighted triangle she saw back in April, or to describe what she saw on the MUFON website...?

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