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Thursday, July 26, 2012

UFO Nirvana

Not to be insufferable or anything, but this has been a great week for self-congratulations! I marked the one-year anniversary of this blog, filed my first complete UFO investigation, and got my MUFON Field Investigator Patch, and today I've hit an even higher high. I have just gotten permission to study the personal archives of the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, UFO researcher extraordinaire.

I've written about Dr. Hynek here, here, here and here. And also there. And a couple other places, too, actually. You might say I write about him obsessively, and you might be right, but there's nothing wrong with a little hero worship. At the risk of being redundant, Dr. H., the creator of the famous Close Encounters UFO classification system, is a giant in the field of UFO research.

And now I have been granted access to his files and records by the Director of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), the UFO research organization founded by Dr. Hynek. Access to these files is vital as I prepare a proposal for a book about Dr. Hynek's career. It's a tremendous honor, and a tremendous opportunity. I'm excited, and a little scared... What will I find there? What will it be like to page through documents that the great man himself wrote and touched?

I've scoured the CUFOS website, and these are the only images I can find of the sacred archives:

Image #1: I can only hope that this photo was taken before CUFOS transferred all its files to huge reels of magnetic tape.
Image #2: This is Frank, the librarian. I'll have to figure out when he takes his day off. Failing that, I'll have to find out what sweets he has a weakness for.
Clearly, CUFOS has a lot of information to look through. This is not going to be my typical afternoon research job...

I'd write more, but guess what? I have to run off to continue a UFO sighting investigation!

More to come...

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