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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

People Are Strange

I think I've been punk'd. And I hate that word, "punk'd," so that fact that I've probably been punk'd is doubly obnoxious. I recently investigated a UFO sighting reported by a guy in northern Wisconsin who had seen a triangle of lights zoom across the night sky. The sighting didn't amount to much; according to the witness' testimony, the object was only visible for three to five seconds, and he felt it was more likely to be a secret military aircraft than any kind of alien craft. Still, I wrote up a serious report and listed the object as "Unknown - Other."

As I reported here earlier, I got a voice mail message the next day from the witness' wife, asking me when I wanted to set up a time to talk to her husband. It seemed weird -- suspicious, even -- why didn't this woman know that I had just interviewed her husband the night before? But in the end I decided the two of them had gotten their wires crossed, as I have heard some married couples sometimes do, and I left it at that.

Well, yesterday I got a voicemail message from her again, asking again when I wanted to talk to her husband, and this time she sounded seriously pissed that I hadn't returned her earlier message. I wasn't going to let that stand, so I immediately called her back to set her straight.

She answered right away and I introduced myself and explained to her that I hadn't returned her first call because I had, in fact, already interviewed her husband. Then she wanted to know what I had talked to him about...

That's when I started having doubts. Had he not told her about the UFO sighting, for fear that she would ridicule him? Did I want to be the one to break the news to her?

Yes, actually, I did. I explained as politely as possible that I had interviewed him about his recent UFO sighting. I further explained that I had made the assumption that Hubby had neglected to tell Wifey that I had already interviewed him, and decided not to return her first call for that reason.

She took the UFO news really well, I thought. She gave an exasperated sigh and said, "Hang on, I'll put him on."

Seriously, she had just called me not 30 seconds earlier, talking about him as though he wasn't there, and he was actually right there the whole time. So she handed the phone to Hubby and he said, "Uh... hi?"

"Yeah, hi," I said, "This is Mark O'Connell from MUFON. We just talked last week about your UFO sighting."

Hubby: "Uh... yeah?"

Me: "Well, I was returning your wife's call asking about setting up our interview.... I wanted to let her know that we had actually already talked about your sighting last week."

Hubby: "Uh... ok."

That was it. I said goodbye and hung up. I honestly don't even know if this was the same guy I interviewed the week before, but I couldn't wait to end that call.

Who was that guy on the phone?

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