High Strangeness: Kate Upton's UFO Encounter

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kate Upton's UFO Encounter

Did the headline of my blog post catch your attention? According to Google, it should have.

I have no idea whether Kate Upton has ever seen a UFO. Until 30 seconds ago I had never heard of Kate Upton. But I was just reading about how I can dramatically increase readership of my blog if I start to drop "Google Hot Searches" into my blog posts, and there I found her. It just so happens that "Kate Upton" is the Top Google Hot Search topic for today, so I'm conducting an experiment to see if using her name in the title of today's post -- and lying about her UFO encounter -- will dramatically increase my readership.

It took me a pretty long time to find a picture of Kate Upton wearing both a top and a bottom.
I also plan on mentioning the other Google Hot Search topics of the day, like the All Star Game 2012, DirecTV, Rashard Lewis, Frank Ocean, Hope Solo and Justin Verlander, all of whom may or may not have had recent UFO encounters. Although I am a day or two late in doing so, I would also like to say this: Ernest Borgnine.

If you were looking for insightful writing about any of the above topics or personalities (or racey photos of Ms. Upton), I sincerely apologize. I was simply trying to suck you in, and apparently it worked.

If, in the future, you see odd names and phrases appearing randomly and inexplicably in this blog, you'll understand why. You may see it as an act of desperation, but I prefer to think of it as savvy marketing.

Also: Kourtney Kardashian, Higgs Boson, Roger Federer, Bachelorette, Usher. And, of course, UFO.

The late Ernest Borgnine, deceased, R.I.P.