High Strangeness: Hovering Orbs

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hovering Orbs

Just my luck, the UFO sighting case involving the deer hunter being toyed with by alien beings in his deer stand is officially in limbo. Vxxxx, my State MUFON Director, wrote back to me to say that: "I actually had talked at length with a witness in (case number XXXXX) some time ago...he was supposed to contact me afterwards and didn't after several attempts.. So just go ahead with (case number XXXXX)"

Notice she's not saying I can't have the deer hunter case... just that it's on hold and that I should go ahead and initiate an investigation of the second case I had requested. Nothing wrong with that. Vxxxx has promised to go over her notes on the deer hunter case, and I have requested that she share them with me, so we may still work somrthing out in the future. I am still puzzled by MUFON's lackadaisical response to a report of a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind right here in our back yard, but I suspect that the case may have a bit of a crackpot feel to it, and MUFON may not want to be associated with that. I, of course, don't care.

Meanwhile, I have a case to investigate: an educator and her son were both out on the balcony of their apartment this past March and both witnessed two orbs with pulsating lights floating above some nearby trees. The objects were visible for several minutes, during which they both performed some interesting aeronautical acrobatics and then flew away at dizzying speeds.

Typical "Orbs." Is this what was seen over the skies in Janesville, WI?
 There is one small problem with the report as it stands. The report states that the sighting took place in the city of Janesville, which is in southern Wisconsin, but it also says that the sighting took place in Adams County, which is about 100 miles north. Is this simply a boo-boo made by the initial investigator, or does it represent some sort of reality shift or physical anomaly? Was Janesville actually in Adams County that night? I will not rest until I discover the truth.

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