High Strangeness: Case One!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Case One!

You can't read anybody's name on these forms, right? Please tell me you can't.

This is what it looks like. Case Number One, my first completed Certified MUFON Field Investigation Form.

Last night I interviewed a woman who had had a pretty interesting UFO encounter last March. She had been watching TV close to midnight when her son came into the room in an agitated state and told her to look outside the window. When she did, she saw a glowing oval that pulsated with white, red and blue lights as it hovered in the sky a mile from her second story balcony. It was a clear, quiet night, and the object made no sound at all. After a few minutes a second object appeared, smaller than the first but identical in every other regard. The two objects moved closer together, perhaps touching, and grew brighter as they did so. Then the second object shot straight up and disappeared, and a few moments later the first object shot off to the northwest and vanished as well.

There are a few details that make this interesting to me. There were multiple witnesses, for one thing. They observed the objects moving about in unexpected ways, for another. The witness was clearly shaken by what she saw, even after four months, for a third. But what struck me more than anything else was the fact that the witness lives within a few miles of a pretty large regional airport -- she and her kids know exactly what airplanes and helicopters look like and sound like, and these objects were nothing like any aircraft they have ever seen.

Want more? How about this: since that sighting in March, she and her kids have seen similar objects three more times. The latest incident happened two weeks ago, when they were out driving one night and were afraid that the glowing object was following them...

Because of this, and because her kids were not at home last night, I will be continuing this investigation for the next week or two before I file my report. All I can tell you right now is that I believe the witness saw something unusual and disturbing, but I have no idea what she saw. I think I'd better get used to that.

Filling out the Certified MUFON Field Investigation Form was fun and easy, too! But it really got cool when I went to fill out the all-important Ballaster-Guasp Evaluation Form... This is the "self-evaluation tool" that gives us an instant evaluation of a sighting's "certainty," thus relieving me of any responsibility to think. Based on the amount of time I have spent investigating the case (thus far), the overall weirdness of the case, and the credibility of the witness, the BGE has given me a Certainty Percentage of 12.1%, which, as I understand it, is a pretty decent number. Anyway, it's my personal best!

But, as I said, I still have some investigatin' to do, so we could see that number creep up over the next week or two...

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