High Strangeness: Survival Home?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Survival Home?

If George Lucas will permit me to use his trademark expression, I've got a bad feeling about this...

I contacted Vxxxx, my MUFON State Director, to ask for some suggestions as to how I should pursue my reluctant UFO witness. She recommended that I wait until this Sunday afternoon and give him one last try, then report in with whatever I've got. I'm not sure what's so special about Sunday, but ok, I can deal.

I need a good old MUFON-style group hug and pep talk, so I'm going to the Wisconsin Chapter meeting this Saturday in Milwaukee to hear a talk given by government conspiracy whistleblower Richard Dolan.

I asked Vxxxx if she would be coming to the meeting so we could talk about my little problem, and she replied that she was. In fact, she let it slip that she will be flying home for the meeting. She then mentioned that her husband would not be attending because "he's still working on our survival home."

Uhhh... survival home? That's when I got that George Lucas feeling... What do Vxxxx and her husband think they need to survive? Are they prepping for a specific extinction event, or do they just expect the worst in general and want to be ready for anything?

A typical survival home. This one was built to fend off a zombie attack, but what good will that do you if the aliens get here first?
Or could the survival home have something to do with Richard Dolan, the speaker at this Saturday's meeting? He likes to write books about "Disclosure," the moment when the governments of the world drop the alien contact bombshell on all of us and society collapses. Maybe Dolan has shared some vital information with Vxxxx that made her and her husband decide to build their survival home... What high-security bunker is she flying home from??

This could get interesting...

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