High Strangeness: The Disposition of Case #38264

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Disposition of Case #38264

I hate leaving a job undone. Once I start something, I like to finish it. So it's particularly galling that I have just had to classify Case #38264, my first UFO Field Investigation, as "Incomplete."

I'm not looking at it as a failure, though, because I did everything possible to conduct my investigation. It was just my bad luck that the first case assigned to me involved a witness who seemed somewhat reluctant in the first place and then had to deal with a family medical emergency to boot.

And to be honest, there were no aliens or crashed flying saucers or missing time incidents involved in this one, that I know of, so what am I walking away from, really? The sighting was a simple one: Four friends out on a balcony at midnight in downtown Mxxxxxxxx spotted a luminous reddish-orange object that moved across the sky, "randomly becoming darker and brighter." It probably would have taken me longer to get his demographic information than to get all the details of the sighting... Still, I have heard that there are no minor investigations, only minor investigators, and the fact that this case involved four witnesses does give it a fairly high credibility factor, or credfact, so I will try to be tough but fair.
This is, of course, erroneous. The case is nowhere near solved, and may never be solved. I'm just desperate for a positive spin.

I had a chance to talk about this situation with Vxxxx, my State MUFON Director, at last Saturday's meeting, and she had some welcome words of reassurance. She told me that she had a similar case over a year ago -- the witness was just impossible to pin down for an interview and after several attempts she gave up and marked the case "Incomplete." Just recently, that same witness called Vxxxx up out of the blue and wanted to talk about his UFO sighing, a year later!

Did Vxxxx cuss him out and hang up on him, as I might have done? Not at all. Because, unlike me, she knows it's not all about her. Instead, she whipped out her MUFON General Sighting Cases Report Form #1 -- also known as the GSCRF #1 -- what we call the "G-scarf Numero Uno" -- at least I think we do -- at least I do -- and she talked on the phone with the witness for a half hour!

So, to be fair, I'm giving my guy a year. If he calls up and begs me to interview him about his sighting, I will consider it.

Meanwhile, I have asked Vxxxx to assign a new case to me.

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