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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Big Intrusion

Over the weekend I attended my first Wisconsin MUFON meeting, and not only did I have a great time, I had a brilliant idea, an idea that could change the face of UFOlogy forever, and leave behind quite a mess.

I can't claim complete credit for the idea, however, because it was inspired by something the guest speaker said. So if I play my cards right I can blame the whole mess thing on him, while I take credit for the earth-shakingly cool part. We'll see how that works.

The speaker was Richard Dolan, who has written several popular UFO books published under his own banner, Keyhole Publishing. If you follow the link, you'll see that Dolan's books focus on the government cover-up theme. More to the point, Dolan believes that the governments of the world have all been engaging in a UFO cover-up for decades, and that someday they will come clean and admit to us all that they have known for years that UFOs are spaceships from other worlds and that we have been visited by aliens from those worlds. Perhaps we've even invited them in for tea and cookies.
Richard Dolan, the step-father of the "Million Intruder March."

Anyway, this idea of "Disclosure," the moment when the world's governments spill the beans and we all learn that it's all true, is really a big deal in the UFO world these days, and Dolan has quite a bit to say about it. He even blogs about it here. I admit that he raised some very thought-provoking points in his talk about what might happen to our society A.D. (After Disclosure), and I enjoyed his talk very much. But when he opened the field to questions, I asked him something that has always bothered me about this cover-up/disclosure way of thinking: Why do we expect the world's governments to tell us aliens are real? Isn't it kind of up to the aliens?

He admitted that I made a good point, but then he countered with an excellent point of his own: Sure, it could be up to the aliens, but they haven't done it yet, have they? Why, he reasoned, would the aliens want to announce themselves and cause a global panic? So... until the aliens decide to land on the White House lawn, it's pretty much up to the world's governments to tell us that we are not alone, according to Dolan.

Okay, okay, could be. But then Dolan made an even more interesting point, and that's when I had my bright idea. He said that of the three forces at play in the Disclosure dynamic -- #1: the aliens, #2: the world's power elite, and #3: us, the great, unwashed masses -- he believes that we the masses have the power to make Disclosure happen. "Wackenhut (Security forces) can disperse a few dozen intruders from Area 51," he said, "but I don't think they can disperse a million of us."

That's when the lightbulb went off. Thank you, Richard Dolan. We need to do that thing you just said: We need to organize a "Million Intruder March" on Area 51, and the sooner the better. Why not, I ask you? It's worked for other folks. Indeed, these days it seems to be the only thing that works. If you want to get action on an issue and bring about real change, you pretty much have no choice but to round up a million people who want the same thing you do and then march them off somewhere.

In this case, all one million of us would march to Area 51 and we would intrude, every last one of us. And we would keep on intruding until the government revealed everything! Every crashed saucer. Every alien corpse. Every human-alien hybrid. Every Reese's Pieces. Everything.

Let's do this, people. Write to me here, give me a couple dates in the next year or two when you know you'll be free and let's start planning.

Imagine a crowd this size storming the gates at Area 51. It's the Million Intruder March!

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