High Strangeness: The Mole

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Mole

I am usually very careful about redacting the names of real people I mention here at HighStrangeness, but in this case I must make an exception. I was going through MUFON's Wisconsin membership files this morning and came across a most unusual name...

There is an "Inactive" Wisconsin Field Investigator in the MUFON database with the name "M. Saucerman."

Saucerman? Saucerman??!! How could this go unnoticed? Please, MUFON, tell me you are not this clueless!

This is what we call a mole. A mole is a person from the other side who infiltrates our side and pretends to be on our side while secretly passing our sensitive information back to his or her friends on the other side. And in this case, that could be the other side of the galaxy!

How much of MUFON's secret inner workings has M. Saucerman leaked to the other side? Are any of the Wisconsin Field Investigators safe? What am I getting myself into?

M. Saucerman, mole.

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