High Strangeness: I Stand Accused

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Stand Accused

I never dreamed I would have to prove that I'm human, but you never know what to expect in the UFO business...

My new email friend Cxxxxx from the foreign country of Rxxxxxx has been keeping me posted on her efforts to become a Certified MUFON Field Investigator, and I got her latest update yesterday. I was sad to learn that she did not pass the exam, getting only a 76 out of the required 80. But, considering how confusing and misleading so many of the exam questions are for someone like me who speaks English as his native tongue, it's easy to imagine that the questions are many times more incomprehensible for someone like Cxxxxx, for whom English is a second language. In that context, shouldn't MUFON cut her some slack?

To its credit, MUFON has sent Cxxxxx a duplicate answer sheet, so that she can try again. But, alas, MUFON policy forbids the exam administrators from telling us which questions we got wrong, so taking the exam again is not an automatic walk in the park. I think Cxxxxx's best strategy is to select the 24 most nonsensical questions -- not an easy task -- and guess something completely different this time.

While I wish Cxxxxx all the best, I am a bit concerned with the closing comment in her letter:

"...how can you prove you are not an alien after that good test score :P"

As I said, I never dreamed I would have to prove that I'm human, but apparently doing too well in the MUFOM Field Investigator Examination makes one suspect in the eyes of one's colleagues. Suddenly I feel a surge of sympathy for President Obama...


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