High Strangeness: Alien Detectors -- Part II

Monday, April 2, 2012

Alien Detectors -- Part II

The Captain does not pull people's legs. Furthermore, he will not give me one of MUFON's alien detectors. Further-urthermore, he insists that I have no right to know anything about MUFON's alien detectors.

After our first exchange over the weekend, I wrote a follow-up letter yesterday to Captain MacDonald, the new International MUFON Director, and I told him that I thought that I deserved a better response than the one he gave me regarding his comments in the recent newsletter about alien detectors in MUFON's possession. He had been pretty dismissive of my request for an alien detector of my own, saying that I can't have one because they are part of the "Omega Project," and thus are "experimental," "expensive" and not for the "public."

I thought it was a disrespectful way to respond to a MUFON member, and I wrote back to tell him so.

All my arguments fell flat with him. He stated very firmly that he does not pull people's legs and that he is never dismissive of anybody. Then he proceeded to be dismissive of me. For the second time in a row.

He doesn't think a dues-paying MUFON member deserves any explanation about what he writes in his own damn column in the MUFON Journal. He doesn't think that withholding information from a MUFON member goes against MUFON's mission or values. And he didn't respond at all to my question about the Omega Project porn site.

So, am I any worse off in the end? Three days ago, I didn't know that Omega Project alien detectors existed, and my life was pretty okay. I didn't have any way to detect aliens then and I still don't today, so I really haven't lost anything.

Or have I? Maybe I've lost my innocence.

Damn you, MUFON.

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