High Strangeness: UFOs and Pancakes

Sunday, March 4, 2012

UFOs and Pancakes

It's Sunday morning here, and Sunday mornings mean pancakes, and pancakes mean UFOs.

No, really. Sometimes UFOs look like pancakes, of course, and sometimes UFO occupants serve pancakes to us earthlings. I learned this last night while reading "The Edge of Reality" by Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Dr. Jacques Vallee.

The good Doctors recount a charming story of Jxx, a man in Eagle River, right here in Wisconsin, who was visited one morning by a UFO occupant who gave him a stack of pancakes. The story is goofy as all get-out, but it beings to mind the "soda pop factor" that I've written about before.

Interestingly, Dr. Hynek admits that at first he didn't believe Jxx's tale, which goes something like this:

Jxx was having breakfast one morning in his house on the outskirts of town when he heard a whining noise outside. He looked out the window and saw a silvery ship descending into his back yard. It didn't land, it just floated... Jxx went outside to see what it was, and a door opened on the ship. A creature visible in the doorway waved him closer and handed him "the most beautiful thermos jug he had ever seen." The entity didn't speak, but communicated through gesture that it wanted Jxx to fill the thermos with water, which he did. Jxx then pantomimed to the creature how to drink the water, but the creature apparently thought Jxx was indicating that he was hungry. So, naturally, the creature handed him some pancakes.

Now, Eagle River is in a place we Wisconsinites call "Up North." It's a hike. It's almost in the U.P., for cripes' sake. For Dr. Hynek to travel to the hinterlands of northern Wisconsin to investigate a story that was, on the face of it, so silly, says a lot about his dedication. This is Scully & Mulder territory.

At first Dr. Hynek thought that Jxx had had a waking dream or "isolation delusion" while eating pancakes that he himself had made. But the rest of Jxx's story didn't fit that thesis. After the pancake drop-off, the ship took off and was gone in two or three seconds. While Jxx observed the ship, he did not perceive any nuts or bolts or rivets. It did not make any sound as it departed, but the surrounding trees "waved a little bit" as it passed. Those details were just enough for Dr. Hynek to conclude that Jxx was telling the truth about his encounter.
It's true! Otherworldly creatures love making pancakes for us!

Jxx was so open and sincere about his experience that he even gave a piece of one of the pancakes to Dr. Hynek, who had it analyzed at a lab. It turned out to be an ordinary wheat germ pancake. Which, Dr. Vallee points out, is consistent with age-old tales of fairies and elves giving pancakes to mortals as a way of making contact. No word on whether fairies and elves ever traffic in thermos jugs, but I bet if I researched it I could find some reference to fairies or elves asking a human to fill a cup or container with water...

What does it all mean? Dr. Hynek has a pretty smart answer to that: "...it's another world, another realm, that seems to have some interlocking with ours, and what we're describing here is just that interlocking."

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