High Strangeness: Playing In The Yard

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Playing In The Yard

Could aliens have developed a supervirus that starts out a lot like a common cold but then mutates into a vicious killer plague that can wipe out the entire human race?

That's what I thought a few days ago, when I was flat on my back for the third day in a row after coming down with the nastiest cold ever. Lying there in my bed, feverish and hallucinating, it was all to easy to believe that I had been infected with some alien super-illness, and that I was just the first to fall to this fiendish bug.

But I lived. Good thing, too, because while I was sick I got an email from my friend Jxxx regarding the UFO sighting he recently told me about here. As he had promised me he would, Jxxx sent along his sister's account of that incident from so many years ago, and damn, she remembers it in the same atmospheric detail as he does!

Read on:

"When I was about 11 years old, my brother Jxxx  (then 9-10 years old)  and I were outside playing in our neighbor’s back yard.   It was a bright sunny day, either late morning or early afternoon.  While we were running around playing, we looked up and saw an object in the northeastern sky.  The object moved initially, but then simply hung in the sky for a good minute.  After this, it seemed to move at a right angle and disappeared very fast toward the east and was gone.  This object was silver/gray and was quite bright with the sunlight bouncing off of it.  It seemed flat to me and was somewhat triangular with a narrow top and a wider bottom.  All the while this object was in the sky, the two of us kept saying 'You're seeing  this, right?'  Over the years I have not forgotten this episode.   I had written this off as 'an airplane,' but have not really believed that is what it was.  I also have never seeing anything like this again."

-- Mxxx Bxxx.

So, yeah, if I had died from an alien supervirus over the weekend I never would have seen this, and that would have been tragic. What I find so interesting about Mxxx Bxxx's account is the impression I get that the UFO stopped when it knew it was being observed, then, after it had observed right back, it moved on... There definitely seems to be a two-way interaction going on, just as there did in Jxxx's account.

I wonder what the UFO got out of it?

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