High Strangeness: "Oh my God, UFOs are Real!"

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Oh my God, UFOs are Real!"

Two kids playing in their yard see a strange saucer-shaped object floating in the sky above the neighbor's house, try to convince themselves that it's an airplane (unsuccessfully), and 40 years later still can't get the image out of their heads. That's the story told by my friend Jxxx in a post here on High Strangeness last December.

Apparently you can't get the image out of your heads either, because that post has become the most popular on my blog. In fact, it received, by far, the most views of any post in the month of February, and it's already looking strong in March. I'm not surprised by this. It's a weird, chilling tale, not spectacular at all but all the more credible because of it. What did Jxxx and his sister see floating above their neighbor's house that still sticks with them after four decades?

But again, why is this story attracting so much of your attention? It could be that Jxxx is viewing it a couple dozen times a day, and if you are Jxxx I thank you for it, but I doubt that's the case. I'm pretty sure it's not me, either. Who then?

Who are you people who keep viewing this story? Step out of the shadows and show yourselves!

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