High Strangeness: Meet The New Boss

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet The New Boss

One of the perks of MUFON membership is that I get these email bulletins called "Filer's Files," in which a guy named Filer periodically shares his files. Since Filer is the New Jersey State Director and the MUFON Eastern Region Director, one assumes that his files are pretty good.

One look at today's files confirms this:
  • "Is There a Space War?" 
  • "Howard Menger's Electro-gravitic Craft"
  • "Yahweh (God) and His Flying Machines"
But one file stands out among them all:
  • "Dave McDonald is the New Director of MUFON"
At last! MUFON is finally admitting that there is a new International Director, and his name is Captain Dave McDonald. I was thrilled to see the headline, and dug into Filer's file to learn everything I could about our new leader and to read about his vision for MUFON. Alas, Filer does not seem to have spent much time with the Cap'n, for all he can come up with is this:

"He has a great personality and smile."

This qualifies a man to lead the world's preeminent UFO research organization? Surely there's more to our new leader than that? Hungry for more, I went straight to mufon.com for all the latest on the mysterious Captain McDonald and fell straight into the MUFON time warp. Sadly, but predictably, the latest MUFON Press Release on the site is dated August 10, 2010, and the most recent item under "MUFON News" is a write-up of a TV show that aired in 2005.

Then it got worse. I decided to Google the good Captain, and was in for quite a shock. Captain Dave McDonald appears to be one of those extraordinary people who is Google-proof....

Oh, there are Captain Dave McDonalds aplenty. One asks, "WHY SHOULD YOU RETAIN ME TO OPERATE YOUR YACHT OR WORK WITH YOUR PEOPLE?" on his website. Another is a police officer in Puyallup, WA, who, just five days ago, investigated an incident in which a woman was slightly injured at a train crossing. He reports that the incident occurred about 2:35 p.m. at the crossing on 12th Street Northwest near Stewart Avenue. But THE Captain Dave McDonald of MUFON? Not so much...

By the way, did anyone not know that Yahweh was God? Just asking.


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