High Strangeness: BUFORD

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have periodically written about going solo with this UFO investigation thing, due to MUFON's inexplicable quirks and overall zaniness, and the drama surrounding MUFON's latest management shake-up has done nothing to calm my jitters...

I recently went so far as to consider forming my own UFO research organization and came up with the acronym of last resort, "BUFORD" ("Say It Ain't So, MUFON," 1/19/2012). But there was a problem with the name BUFORD, and I'm not talking about the fact that it sounds like a Southern Sheriff toting a Louisville Slugger. The problem was the incomplete acronym, to wit: "Bureau for UFO Research and..." I wasn't coming up with anything for "D," and asked you, my readers, for input.

Thank God somebody responded! Sxxxxxxx, my son's girlfriend, suggested "Development," and so it shall be that henceforth, BUFORD will stand for the Bureau for UFO Research and Development. It suddenly sounds as though I'm designing and building UFOs, and I kind of like that. Why limit myself to researching sightings when there's a whole wide universe out there to explore?

Thanks, Sxxxxxxx! And thanks to all my readers: you're all winners!

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