High Strangeness: UFO Activity Heats Up in 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

UFO Activity Heats Up in 2012

This is it. This is the year I become a Certified UFO Field Investigator. I have been summoned to a meeting of the Chicago MUFON Chapter on January 14, to begin my indoctrination. It costs $15 to sign up, which seems like a pretty fair price for such a life-changing event. I don't really know what to expect, except that there will be a pizza party.

And what a perfect time it is to become a Certified UFO Field Investigator! The new year has ushered in a rash of new UFO sightings, and I want to investigate them all! Seriously, no sooner had the ball fallen in Times Square Saturday night than my phone started to beep with new tweets from @ufo_stalker. Before New Years Day was over, I had received 61 tweets of UFO sighting reports. That's a staggering six times more than the normal daily count, according to MUFON's own stats...

Will 2012 be The Year We Make Contact? Will they have Hawaiian pizza at the MUFON meeting?

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