High Strangeness: Breaking The Law For MUFON -- Addendum

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Breaking The Law For MUFON -- Addendum

After my last post detailing MUFON's protocol for an investigation of a UFO crash site, I read a little further into the Certified MUFON Field Investigator's Manual and found that there's more to the story...

It turns out that after I've lied to the authorities about the evidence I've hidden from them, I am to contact my State Director, who will then contact the International Director. The State Director and I will then, presumably, await further instructions. So far, so good. I like knowing that everyone in the MUFON chain of command has got my back up to this point.

But then things get a little dicey. The Field Investigator's Manual wraps up the "Crashed UFO" section on an ominous tone, saying, "There may be lethal or dangerous by-products involved with the crashed object and the investigator must use his or her own discretion in dealing with such a remote event." 

Uhhhh... "lethal or dangerous?"

The section closes with this: "Other than the described basic documentation, the local Network should leave further investigation to the military."

So clearly there is some point in the investigation of a crashed UFO when I must stop interfering with the military and leave them alone with my precious crashed saucer. Worse yet, when that point arrives, it almost seems that MUFON will no longer claim me as one of their own. Unfortunately, I have no idea when that point occurs, and the manual gives me no guidance.

For a while I had hoped that the section would conclude with the ultimate solution: that, in order to prevent the military from getting their grubby little paws on the crashed saucer, I, the Certified MUFON Field Investigator, would be instructed to find a way to get inside the saucer, figure out how to fly it, then go all Will Smith with it. That's what the manual should say, anyway. In my opinion.

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