High Strangeness: Send In the Reptoids

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Send In the Reptoids

I have been avoiding writing about this for weeks, because, really, where can you go with it? Where can you go with reports of tall reptilian aliens called "Reptoids" that mean to do us harm? I try to ignore the reports, but they keep coming up everywhere I look; there's even a Wikipedia entry, for cripe's sake.

Apparently the Reptoids are demonic, blood-drinking, shape-shifting, underground-base-dwelling, human-race-enslaving monstrosities that conveniently combine just about every primal fear known to man in one neat, scaly package while simultaneously calling to mind a very silly 1970s tv series called "V" about evil reptilian aliens invading earth and enslaving the human race.

Wikipedia Reptoid (adult)

"V" Reptoid (infant)

Now it's true that in the entire history of human-alien encounters, there have been many different shapes and sizes of aliens reported, and it's true that some of those aliens have been described as "reptilian." It's also true that a lizard-like alien called the Gorn was one of Captain Kirk's most terrifying foes in "Star Trek."

"Star Trek" Reptoid (scary)
But to suggest -- insist, even, as some do -- that there is an actual known taxonomy of alien beings, an alien pyramid at the top of which rests a supremely intelligent, supremely evil race of reptilian-human hybrids, is an alien too far for me. You'll note that while I can easily find convincing photographic evidence of TV Reptoids from "V" and "Star Trek," I can only dig up a rather unconvincing "artist's representation" of a "real" Reptoid. What does that tell you?

One other thing: I'm pretty sure that if the Bible said that Satan appeared as a bunny rabbit to Adam and Eve, we would now be talking about "Rabbitoids" from space.

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