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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Married To An Alien!

No, I am not married to an alien (even though I have speculated here in the past that my wife could be a human-alien hybrid by virtue of her smashing good looks and flawless fashion sense). Nor am I promoting human-alien marriages, although if a human and alien could only truly be happy married to each other, why would I object to that? I mean, who wouldn't want to be invited to that wedding?

I only bring up the topic of human-alien marriage because it came up at the Burlington Vortex Conference two months ago, and I think it's something that people should know about.

As I have chronicled here at High Strangeness, I heard a great many wondrous and astounding stories at the Vortex Conference, and I have marveled at the fact that these astounding stories are bandied about at a UFO conference in such a casual, offhand manner that one soon accepts it as all quite normal.

But here's the thing: it's not. When you hear a guy stating in complete sincerity that his son's new wife fled to the US from Brazil because she discovered her first husband was an alien, and that aliens have been chasing her ever since to try to silence her, and when the people listening to that story nod knowingly as though every family had such problems, it's hard to accept that any of it is even remotely normal.

I would have loved to have heard more, but that would have meant engaging the guy in conversation, and I knew I wasn't ready for that. So I'm left with questions. How do you divorce an alien? Was the marriage even legal in the first place? Why would the aliens care what she might say to anyone? Couldn't they guess that the story would only be told at places like the Burlington Vortex Conference?

On a related note, I have finally secured the contact list for the people who were on the Haunted Woods Tour at the Conference, and who witnessed the two UFOs that flew towards us and disappeared into the night sky... It should be interesting to hear what people remember of that incident, and how they remember it. Stay tuned...

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