High Strangeness: It's Never Enough

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Never Enough

I was reminded today of an interesting phenomenon I observed at the Burlington Vortex Conference when I paid a return visit to the friendly Sci-Fi Cafe in Burlington. I stopped in to get a list of the people who had been on the Haunted Woods Tour with me and had seen the two UFOs that night, in the hopes that I could persuade them all to file sighting reports to MUFON.

Mxxx was as friendly as ever, and as she copied off the list she told me about an exciting discovery she had made in one of her photos of the UFOs we saw that night. The photo itself simply shows a brilliantly burning orange light in a field of black sky, but someone had noticed a light spot in the photo, so Mxxx had brightened up the image to see what was there...

Right about here in her story I was reminded of the phenomenon I had observed back in October. I have tried to describe in earlier posts the magical energy that filled the clearing as the entire group watched those two UFOs approach us and then disappear ("Thank You, Mr, UFO," 10/31/2011), but I have never described what came next.

For me, the sighting was the perfect capper to an extremely strange and surreal day. We had gone from the ridiculous to the sublime, and I was more than happy to hike out of the woods in silent reflection over what had just occurred. But for many in the group, the UFO sighting was just a warm-up. Moments after we all shared our few minutes of awe and mystery, a man in a blue hoodie sat down on some rocks in the heart of the Vortex and started vibrating strangely and mumbling gibberish. His wife shushed everyone in the group and explained that her husband was channeling spirits and that we all had to keep quiet... It seemed as though an American Indian spirit was trying to communicate through him, but alas, the message never quite got through.

The vibrating and mumbling stopped moments later when the Vortex kicked into action, and we were told that the dimensional shifts had started. Soon after that I was taken aside and given the disturbing apocalyptic warning of the coming cosmic war between good and evil ("The Bad Stuff," 11/2/2011), and eventually we all walked back out of the woods to constant shouts about ectoplasm sightings and satyr appearances. The UFOs had been all but forgotten, pushed out of our consciousnesses by an unending barrage of more and more comical strangeness. And I wondered why the UFO sighting wasn't enough for so many people in the group, as it was for me.

Back to today... Mxxx showed me her lightened photograph, and there, next to the UFO, was a formation of concentric circular lines floating in the night sky. Before I could guess what it was, Mxxx informed me that it was a wormhole! The first ever wormhole caught on camera, no less. And this explained why the two UFOs disappeared from the sky that night: they entered the wormhole, and were instantly transported across the galaxy, presumably to their home planet.

I admit, part of me thinks Mxxx is flipping brilliant for coming up with yet another spectacular twist to the night's adventures. But another part of me wonders why the two UFOs, on their own, still aren't enough...

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