High Strangeness: When It Rains UFOs, It Pours UFOs

Friday, November 4, 2011

When It Rains UFOs, It Pours UFOs

I was a little hesitant to file yet another UFO sighting report with MUFON so soon after my August report. What would they think to have me back with another sighting after only two months? Would I seem desperate? Needy?

And how would they handle the case? Would they send the same MUFON Field Investigator a second time in a row? Would he have his ID badge with him this time? Would they give me the same ominous warning not to talk to anyone about my experience? Because once again, I've told pretty much everybody I know... and posted the video on YouTube.

I'll find out soon enough. I just filed this report with MUFON, regarding my sighting last week in the Haunted Woods outside of Burlington:

"About 30 people were taking part in the 'Haunted Woods Tour' as part of the Burlington, WI, Vortex Conference. We were hiking through the woods at about 9 pm, after dark, with no moon, had just reached “The Vortex,” when someone in the group called out, 'What’s up in the sky?'

"We all looked where he was pointing, up beyond some tall pine trees to the east, and saw a flaming orange object flying silently towards us about a mile away and a mile up. The object flew towards us at a slow, steady rate, sometimes zigging and zagging slightly, but always heading right towards us. When it was almost right overhead it disappeared.

"Then a moment later another one (or the same one) appeared about a mile away to the east and a mile high, and followed the exact same path, also disappearing when it got just about overhead.

"The objects didn’t have any apparent shape, and didn’t make any noise. They appeared to be made of flickering, flaming orange light.

"All 30 people saw it, many took pictures and some took video. My video is posted on YouTube as Burlington Vortex UFOs."

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