High Strangeness: The Jxx Factor -- Part II

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Jxx Factor -- Part II

A while back I wrote about my old high-school friend telling me about his out-of-body experience, and I told of how convincing his story was because he was such an unimaginative guy and never could have cooked it up on his own ("The Jxx Factor," 10/3/11). Well, last weekend at the Vortex Conference, I ran across a guy who had a similar story to tell.

One of the presenters, Fxxxx X, gave a great talk on ancient archeology, but found time to tell of a UFO sighting report that he had heard first-hand in Chicago back in 1955. He actually heard it at his family dinner table when he was a child of 8, when his father had invited a business associate home to dinner, as he often did. This associate, a woman, had been a dinner guest often enough that young Fxxxx knew that the conversation would be all about business, and very dull business at that. But on this night she started talking about her recent vacation out west.

She and a friend were driving from Chicago to Los Angeles in her new Cadillac. In 1955 there were no interstates, of course, so the two women had to cross the southwest desert on some pretty lonely stretches of road. On one of those lonely stretches, the Cadillac suddenly lost all power and coasted to a stop. There was nothing visibly wrong with the car, and it had plenty of gas; it just decided to quit.

It was in the middle of the day, so there was no immediate danger, but still the women were worried about how they would get help. They didn't have long to worry, though, because suddenly the huge car lurched forward, as if pushed by a fearsome gust of wind. The next moment a silver disc the size of a football field zoomed overhead, no more than 20 feet above the highway, and flew off into the western sky. A moment later, the women were able to start the car and they resumed their journey with no more incidents.

What made this story so memorable to Fxxxx was that the woman telling it was, in his words, "Incapable of lying." Just like I was with my old friend Jxx, Fxxxx was utterly convinced by the woman's testimony because, even at age 8, he knew her to be so completely rational.

Score another one for the Jxx Factor.

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