High Strangeness: Thank You, Mr. UFO

Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank You, Mr. UFO

It's been two days since the Burlington Vortex Conference, and I'm still not right. There are no strange marks on my body, but I have been feeling strangely exhausted since I left the Conference, and I don't know why. But I was exposed to a lot of unusual physical and mental energy in my 14 hours with the Vortexers, and when I say unusual what I really mean is un-youuuuu-sual.

Not saying it was a bad experience, mind you, not at all. Just intense, in some surprising ways. During the day, I ran across some fascinating people and some fantastic ideas. Sure, some people and ideas were more accessible and credible than others, but that's kind of the whole point of the conference: nobody is trying to convince you of their point of view or sell you on something you aren't inclined to believe. Everybody there has his or her own unique story to tell, all are welcome to share and what you take away from it is your business.

Want to talk to someone who has traveled all over the world trying to see Fairies? The Vortex conference can hook you up. Want to learn what dark secrets of the paranormal world are revealed only to long-distance truckers late at night? You've come to the right place. Want to find out if you have any alien DNA in your body? They know a guy who can tell you that.

One of the most revealing moments of the Conference came when a presenter explained that, in the hierarchy of alien species, the alien "greys" are pretty low on the totem pole. This is significant because most human/alien encounters involve greys. The presenter said that greys have an average IQ of about 80, which is why, he explained, they often return human abductees to earth miles from where they abducted them; they simply can't remember where they picked the person up. Did you catch that? They're capable of navigating through billions of miles of space to reach earth but can't remember to jot down their victims' addresses... Depending on your point of view, the fact that alien simpletons are sent to deal with earthlings is either tremendously insulting, or it makes perfect sense.

After the last presenter of the evening, when night had fallen and the temperature dropped to the 40s, about 30 attendees made their way five miles out of town to take the "Haunted Woods Tour" and encounter the Vortex first-hand. This was an experience so sublime that I must devote an entire blog post to it later this week... In truth, I still haven't absorbed the full impact of the experience. All I will say for now is that once the 30 of us were all deep in the dark woods, we saw not one, but two UFOs in the sky. We ALL saw them, all 30 of us. I have video that I will post in the next few days, and I think the audio is far more amazing than the video. I was surrounded by 30 people who spent the entire time expressing their gratitude for being witness to this event... Expressing their gratitude!

A gentleman standing nearby me as I videotaped the two UFOs can be heard saying quietly over and over again, "Thank you, Mr. UFO! Thank you, Mr. UFO!" I can't think of a more endearing way to greet a visitor from another world, can you?

(MORE on the Vortex Conference to come...)

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