High Strangeness: A Message From Headquarters

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Message From Headquarters

I knew when I started this blog that it would lead to many unexpected twists and turns, but last night I hit a twisty-turn, or maybe even a turny-twist, that I really did not expect.

A couple days ago, I posted my new and improved list of "Ten Things You Should Do When You See a UFO," as a counterpoint to the 17-year-old list of the same name on the MUFON website ("When You See a UFO" 10/5/2011). I thought it would make a pretty dandy resource for the aspiring UFO contactee, and I wanted to share it with MUFON.

So I sent the list directly to MUFON International Director Clifford Clift, and waited. I wasn't completely sure what to expect, but Mr. Clift's response both surprised and delighted me. This is what he wrote: 

"I really like your top ten things to do when seeing a UFO.  Is there a chance we could run this in the Journal?  I don’t know if the Journal committee will approve it, but I like it."

"All the best,
Clifford Clift, ID MUFON"

How can I not love this guy? Am I going to take him up on his offer? How can I not?

Of course, it means that a few folks from MUFON may take a gander at this blog as a result, and they may bristle at my approach to their organization specifically and to UFO research in general. They may decide not to print my list in their international newsletter, and they may even bar me from becoming a MUFON Field Investigator. But, in the fine tradition of the thousands of UFO contactees and abductees who have risked their reputations and their livelihoods to go public with their stories, I have to take that chance. It is time to come out of hiding and face the clicking and buzzing.

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