High Strangeness: The Jxx Factor

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Jxx Factor

A while back I wrote about "The Soda Pop Factor," a term coined by UFO researcher Dr. James MacDonald to describe a jarring, out-of-context detail that comes up in a report of a UFO encounter and makes that report more credible ("The Soda Pop Factor, 9/15/11). Ever since writing that post, I've been thinking about another credibility booster that I have encountered: I call it "The Jxx Factor."

Jxx was a friend of mine in high school. He was a quiet guy, pretty shy and reserved, but fun to hang around with. He was happiest drinking beer with his friends and working under the hood of his old Camaro. A steady, no-surprises kind of guy.... or so I thought.

One night some of us were drinking beer and talking, and out of the blue Jxx became very agitated and started telling us about something that had happened to him recently. We could tell from Jxx's tone that he was terrified to tell us, but even more terrified to keep holding it in. His body was tight, his cheeks were flushed, his beer bottle was shaking in his hands. He took a gulp of beer and he spilled...

Jxx told us about a perfectly ordinary day when he had fallen asleep on the sofa on his porch... He woke up with a bump and realized he had rolled off the sofa in his sleep and hit the floor. But when he opened his eyes the whole world was upside-down. He had actually bumped into the ceiling... He was floating eight feet above his body, which still lay motionless on the sofa.

He did not enjoy the sensation. In fact, he freaked out when he saw his body far below him on the sofa, and scrambled to get back into it. Somehow, he didn't know how, we was able to re-enter his body, and he woke up instantly, absolutely convinced of the reality of what had just happened.

I lost contact with Jxx after high school, but I can never forget his shaking voice and shaking hands as he told his best friends about his shattering out-of-body experience. But here's my point: I never doubted him for a second, for one simple reason: Jxx was about the least imaginative person I knew. That's "The Jxx Factor." When someone who lives completely in the here-and-now, who is not taken to flights of fancy, who only believes in things he can see, hear and touch, confides to you that he has had a terrifying experience that has completely destroyed his sense of himself and his concept of reality... I think he's pretty credible. Jxx couldn't begin to understand or explain what he experienced, he wished it had never happened to him, and he hoped it would never happen again. He had no reason to tell us this story, other than it really happened to him.

Jxx died in 2006, so I will never know if there was more to the story than what he revealed to us that night, but I bet there was. R.I.P., Jxx.


Ginger said...

Oh, there's more to the story for sure. It's possible that he's telling it now and whenever we 'tune in' we'll hear it. Just imagining.

Mark UFO'Connell said...

I think you're right, Ginger!