High Strangeness: Disclosure

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hey, government! Tell us what you know about UFOs, right now! We know you know, so why do you keep pretending that you don't?

That's the way a lot of UFO people think. They think that the government has known the truth about UFOs -- that they really, truly are spacecraft from another world, carrying alien visitors who may or may not want to cause us harm -- for decades, and has been keeping quiet about it. And the government keeps quiet about it, the thinking goes, because the news would cause widespread chaos and societal upheaval if it got out.

I'm not so sure of that, myself. Why would it cause widespread chaos and societal upheaval if so many of us kind of believe it anyway? I think most of us would just pat ourselves on the back for being smart enough to have known it all along, and go back to our morning coffee. We'd probably be pretty cocky with our skeptical friends and co-workers and relations for a while, but we would deserve that moment of glory after being teased and ridiculed for so long, wouldn't we? I mean, they?

Back to my point. I don't really believe that the government is keeping some big secret about UFOs, but I do think the disclosure folks have a strong enough argument that they deserve their day in court. But here's the thing: I think they are directing their calls for disclosure to the wrong people. I think they should be demanding full disclosure from the UFOs themselves, and whoever or whatever may be inside them. I honestly think they would get better results. Especially if they made it known that they would start ignoring the UFOs.

You read that right. Ignore the buggers. Shun the little beasties. Spurn the mothershippers. Turn off your flashlights and go inside and go to bed. Make them think that you've stopped believing, and then see what happens. I bet they can't go more than five minutes before they're jumping up and down outside your bedroom window clicking and buzzing for your attention. That's when you'll get your Disclosure.

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