High Strangeness: More UFO Sightings Come to Light

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More UFO Sightings Come to Light

I always thought my family was pretty normal. Mom, Dad, three brothers, three sisters, all pretty level-headed, except maybe for me. But now it turns out that two of my level-headed brothers have seen UFOs and failed to report them.

First, my older level-headed college professor brother Dxxx told me that he had seen UFOs several nights in a row some 20 or 30 years ago. He had just started a new job and put in a lot of late nights so often found himself driving home in the darkness along the shore of Lake Mxxxxxxx. One night he saw six or seven orange lights (orange again!) zipping around far out over the lake. They turned and looped and zig-zagged and shot off in every direction then merged together and then split apart before blinking out of existence... And then he saw the same thing every night for several nights in a row. Then one night they didn't appear, and he never saw them again.

Then last night I called my younger level-headed game warden brother Mxxx to wish him a happy XXth birthday, and he told me had had a similar sighting to Dxxx's once while at work. He was out on a night patrol years ago and saw a multitude of colored lights zooming around in the sky several miles away. There was no pattern to their movements, just like the lights Dxxx saw over the lake. They just streaked and circled through the sky in all directions, coming together and splitting apart randomly until they all went away... Mxxx now thinks that he must have seen some sort of training exercise going on over the nearby Air Force base, but he can't be sure. Id like to think that he witnessed the Air Force doing battle with alien invaders, with the fate of the planet hanging in the balance. Kind of impressive that the Air Force won.

But Mxxx had one more story to tell, and this one made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. He told me that when he was 14 or 15 he went on a Boy Scout campout in a heavily forested area near where we lived. He and his buddies were up late, sitting around the campfire, when a fireball streaked across the sky directly overhead and seemed to land somewhere out in the nearby forest. Mxxx said they all had the impression that the fireball had streaked by at a VERY low altitude, and they felt that it had to be close-by. Did these boys run? Did they hide? No, they were Boy Scouts. They were prepared. They were also thrifty, kind, clean and reverent, but that hardly mattered under the circumstances.

I have no doubt that the boys of Troop XX would have done battle with whoever or whatever might have emerged from that fireball, using their jackknives and hatchets to save us all from alien invasion. Mxxx says they were all too jacked up to sleep, so they huddled around the campfire, no doubt sharpening those jackknives and hatchets and practicing their knot-tying, ready for the invasion that never came. Seriously, can you imagine anything more terrifying for a bunch of 14 year-old boys than to be out in the deep dark woods in the middle of the night and to see a UFO pass overhead and appear to land?

I am now so impressed with my younger brother... In his lifetime he has witnessed two possible alien invasion attempts, and yet he goes about his daily life as though it never happened. I think it's time I asked my other brothers and sisters to tell me about their UFO experiences. We all have to get it out in the open.


Anonymous said...

Dear god...did I marry a pod person?
Cxxxx O'Cxxxxxx
Bxxxx, Ixxxx

Mark UFO'Connell said...

He has always seemed kind of "different," hasn't he?