High Strangeness: My-- errrr, Their Fault

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My-- errrr, Their Fault

One of the great things about writing a blog about UFOs is that if you ever make a mistake, you can blame it on aliens. That's exactly what I'm about to do.

Earlier today I blogged about the recent passing of famous UFO abductee Charles Hickson ("We Just Wanted to Go Fishing" 9/22/2011), and meant to write that Hickson's abduction took place in Pascagoula, Mississippi. But the aliens made me write that Pascagoula is in Alabama.

I sincerely apologize if this error has caused either state any embarrassment or inconvenience. In my defense, you can see Alabama from Mississippi, so it must have been fairly easy for the aliens to implant the false information in my brain.

I'm trying to understand why the aliens would do this to me. My first thought is that they are trying to discredit me, but I'm not that important. Am I?

Perhaps they're working for the Alabama Department of Tourism. Maybe Alabama offered them a better deal than New Mexico.

In any case, I will now go back to my previous post and make the necessary correction. I hope to do this quickly, before the aliens get wise to me and make me say that Pascagoula is in California or Wyoming or something. I have fetched the colander from the kitchen and have it ready to put on my head at the first sign of alien interference.

Wish me luck.

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