High Strangeness: Impostors Among Us

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Impostors Among Us

I sent an email to the Wisconsin MUFON Director, Vxxxx, to tell her that her Field Investigator had done a nice job interviewing me about my UFO sighting, but I also asked her why she had ordered me, my wife and my daughter not to talk to anyone about our experience.

Here's what I said in my letter: 
"MUFON is all about full disclosure and the open exchange of information, or so I thought. It's troublesome to me that you would tell me not to talk to anyone about my experience. Could you explain your reasons for this? I'd like to understand."

She sent back an apology, and explained that MUFON is absolutely dedicated to full disclosure and open communications, which was good to hear. But she also said that there have been reports "in years past" of people saying they represented MUFON when they didn't. 

Think about that: someone, somewhere, gets his or her kicks out of impersonating a MUFON Field Investigator, when all he or she has to do is drop $60 on the Field Manual and take an open book test and become the real thing, in a matter of a few weeks. Could this be why MUFON is making the test easier? Does MUFON need to start offering scholarships?

The whole thing reminds me of the legendary "Men In Black." These are not the Men In Black from the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones movies, but their exact opposite. For decades, people who have reported UFO sightings and encounters have been visited by creepy-looking men in ill-fitting black suits who lie their way past the front door and proceed to terrify the bewildered witnesses with vague threats to their lives if they tell anyone about what they saw. Some reports say that the MIBs' skin looks like smoked bacon, some say they have electrical wiring peeking out of their socks. Some say that they show up in a mysterious black sedan while others say they simply appear and disappear without any car in sight. Could these be the impostors that Vxxxx is worried about? That would be cool.

Or is it possible that there are other Lone Wolf UFO Field Investigators like me out there, darting in and out of the shadows, investigating sightings with "now you see him, now you don't" stealth and speed, accountable to noone but themselves, using MUFON's own tools and methods to get the scoop on all the really good sightings? If that's the case, I think I may have found a new direction. If there are other Lone Wolves out there, it may be time to organize them into a Pack. I was in a Pack once, when I was a Cub Scout. I know how to do this.

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