High Strangeness: They Make This Too Easy

Monday, August 29, 2011

They Make This Too Easy

In my post last Friday I reported that the Mutual UFO Network was planning to introduce a revised UFO Field Investigator Handbook and Exam by the end of the year. When I saw this news in the August issue of the MUFON Journal, I decided I would wait until the new Handbook came out to take the exam. Made sense to me, especially since the Handbook is about $60.

So, last night I emailed the Illinois MUFON director to inform him of my decision. I told him I would wait and take the exam at the end of the year, after the revisions had been made.

I don't know what I expected, but the email I got this morning in reply did not inspire confidence... The Illinois director says he is not aware that the Handbook and Exam are being replaced by new versions, and he will "have to check in with HQ" to find out more. Uh... ok. Meanwhile, it's been two weeks and nobody from MUFON has contacted me, my wife or my daughter to investigate our sighting. For a group dedicated to discovering the truth about UFOs, they sure do make life easy for those UFOs. If I was a UFO, I would not be quaking in my space boots.

More and more, it looks as though I may have to chart a new course, as a Lone Wolf UFO Field Investigator.

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Anonymous said...

I can tell you more. Not good stuff about Mufon. Check out the Robert Bigelow's and Mufon hybrid venture 2010. I have been working with them and not so trust worthy. And they really no nothing, you can find more on line, about whats going on.