High Strangeness: Contact!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I just reported a sighting. The Irony!!
Here's what I reported to MUFON Central:

"My wife, daughter and I were returning home shortly after sunset last Friday night, driving east on Highway 12 just west of Cambridge, WI. I saw a floating orange light at about 1 o'clock, floating perhaps 200 feet in the air. I pointed it out to my wife and daughter and they saw it too. It looked to me like a glowing orange light bulb, and I could not distinguish any shape of the object. It appeared to hover or float in one spot the whole time we observed it. After a few moments of observation, my daughter said, 'I keep trying to imagine a tower holding it up, but there's no tower.'

"We observed it for perhaps a minute or two, then lost sight of it. It never moved the entire time we saw it. I wish we had pulled over to observe it more closely!"

This is serious; we really saw a strange object that we can't explain. Is this what happens when you set out to be a UFOlogist? Do they home in on you and start to follow you around?? I am expecting a call from my local MUFON Field Investigator at any second...

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